by Yasmina Reza

translated by Christopher Hampton

Directed by Eddie Gray


God of Carnage Poster


A fight between two eleven-year-old boys leaves one with missing teeth. Afterwards, their parents meet to discuss the incident like adults. Formalities observed at the start of the meeting are quickly forgotten and their own childlike quirks are comically exposed. As tensions rise and the couples’ morals, marriages, and parenting styles are called into question, these Brooklyn parents find themselves switching teams, drinking rum, and calling names.

This Tony Award-winning black comedy will leave you laughing and wondering just who the real children are!


Role played by
Annette Amanda Lee
Alan Ralph Fellows
Veronica    Agnetha Höfels
Michael Jason Couch

by Neil Simon

directed by Poppy Tirard and Harald Djürken

Poster Rumors


What do you do when you are invited to an elegant dinner party at the upper-class home of a high-ranking politician – and arrive to find the host has shot himself and the hostess is missing? Well, if you are a good friend you’ll forget about the buffet and the cocktails and try to cover the whole situation while trying to figure out what actually happened. However, you might just lose your calm when the police suddenly arrive at the scene …
This is the tricky task at hand for the four couples in Neil Simon’s award-winning hysterical comedy-farce. 


Role         Actor/Actress
Chris Gorman   Ellen Bergman
Ken Gorman   Eddie Gray
Claire Ganz   Jocasta Godlieb
Lenny Ganz   Ryan Lambert
Cookie Cusack   Lexi von Hoffmann
Ernie Cusack   Mat Nichol
Cassie Cooper   Amy Lee
Glenn Cooper   Giuseppe Berardi
Officer Welch   Julian St Clair
Officer Pudney   Elisabeth Härtwig


“Rumors (Neil Simon)” was presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

adapted and directed by Lexi von Hoffman


Pride and Prejudice Poster


Hertfordshire 1813. Mrs Bennet is facing a whole lot of problems: five unmarried daughters, no money to give them when they get married, and a husband who only has a passing interest in her worries. If only she could catch her new – and rich! – neighbour, Mr Bingley, for one of her girls! If only daughter Elizabeth hadn’t acted on her prejudices and convinced Bingley’s proud friend Darcy (who is even richer!) that she is not good enough for him! And if only the rest of the Bennet girls weren’t so bookish, so silly or so easily influenced by unworthy men! She can only hope that in the end love will conquer all.

Join the Hamburg Players in their celebration of the 200thanniversary of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice!



Mrs Bennet                                   Valerie Doyle

Mr Bennet                                      Roger Graves

Jane Bennet                                  Svenja Baumann            

Elizabeth Bennet                           Madeleine Lange

Mary Bennet                                  Clara Roethe

Kitty Bennet                                   Sonja Bahnsen

Lydia Bennet                                  Ellen Bergman

Lady Lucas                                    Julie Spanswick

Mr Collins                                       Mat Nichol

Charlotte Lucas                              Martina Plieger

Charles Bingley                              Dan Marsh

Caroline Bingley                             Jocasta Godlieb

Mrs Hurst                                        Poppy Tirard

Mr Hurst                                          Tom Ivison

George Wickham                            Eddie Gray

Fitzwilliam Darcy                             Martin Mills

Lady de Bourgh                               Carol Kloevekorn

Miss de Bourgh                                Leanne Harper

Colonel Fitzwilliam                           Julian St. Clair

Mrs Gardiner                                     Meg McFarlane

Mr Gardiner                                      John Kirby

Mrs Reynolds                                   Diana Loos

Hill (maid to the Bennets)                Sandra Giese

Guest at Netherfield Ball                  Nele Giese

Guest at Netherfield Ball                  Andrea Treu-Kaulbarsch

Guest at Netherfield Ball                  Camilo Daza

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