by Alan Ayckbourn

directed by Mathilde Berry-Graham, November 2007

Snake in the Grass poster

Miriam has cared for her father in the family home during his last years with the help of the creepily polite nurse, Alice. On Father‘s death, Miriam‘s older sister, attractive, divorced Annabel, returns home after over thirty years abroad to find Daddy has left the bulk of his fortune to her. In the unkempt grounds she is accosted by Alice, who claims that Miriam sacked her to do away with her father and has a letter to prove it. Gentle Miriam and resolute Annabel join forces against Alice, and soon the blackmailer‘s body is hurtling down the well to oblivion. But all does not end there ... Snake in the Grass is a spine-tingling suspense drama about murder and ghosts from the past and present, penned by the inimitable Alan Ayckbourn.

No.   Title   Year   Author   Directed by
98   DEATHTRAP   2000   Ira Levin   Elaine Lloyd Barnett
99   TWO AND TWO MAKE SEX   2000   Richard Harris & Leslie Darbon   Clive Kewell & Sonny Pathak
100   THE MATCHMAKER   2000   Thornton Wilder   Peter N. Bigglestone & Catherine Schwerin
101   LOVE LETTERS   2001   A.R. Gurney   Lexi von Hoffmann
102   THE MOUSETRAP   2001   Agatha Christie   Peter N. Bigglestone
103   A MIDSUMMER NIGHT`S DREAM   2001   William Shakespeare   James Wood
104   A RISE IN THE MARKET   2002   Edward Taylor   Sonny M. Pathak & Catherine Schwerin
105   BLITHE SPIRIT   2002   Noël Coward   Peter N. Bigglestone
(together with 'Foxtales')
  2002   Christopher Durang   Rebecca Garron
(together with 'The Actor's Nightmare')
  2002   Charles Pascoe   Rebecca Garron & Joana E. O´Neil
107   WHO`S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?   2003   Edward Albee   Sonny M. Pathak
108   CALIFORNIA SUITE   2003   Neil Simon   Kai Wagner
109   J.B.   2003   Archibald MacLeish   James Wood
110   THE FAHETGDS (The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen´s Guild Dramatic Society) MURDER MYSTERY   2004   David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jnr.   Martin Niemeyer
111   HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES   2004   Alan Ayckbourn   Peter N. Bigglestone
112   EQUUS   2004   Peter Shaffer   James Wood
113   AN IDEAL HUSBAND   2005   Oscar Wilde   Nina Stedman
114   COPENHAGEN   2005   Michael Frayn   Ulrike Biskup
115   RELATIVE VALUES   2005   Noel Coward   Catherine Schwerin & Wiebke Störtenbecker
116   DEATH OF A SALESMAN   2006   Arthur Miller   Ralph Fellows
117   WYRD SISTERS   2006   Terry Pratchett & Stephen Briggs   Martin Niemeyer
118   NOISES OFF   2006   Michael Frayn   Carol McNamara & Jack Heyward-Tuck
119   SCOTLAND ROAD   2007   Jeffrey Hatcher   Henrik Zawischa
120   ILLUMINATA   2007   Brandon Cole & John Turturro   John Kirby
No.   Title   Year   Author   Directed by
1   SEPARATE TABLES   1965   Terence Rattigan   Jack Sinclar & Peter N. Bigglestone
2   THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE   1966   William Douglas Home   Charles Anderson
3   LORD ARTHUR SAVILE´S CRIME   1966   Oscar Wilde / Constance Cox   Peter N. Bigglestone
4   SUMMER OF THE SEVENTEENTH DOLL   1967   Ray Lawler   Peter N. Bigglestone
5   PRESENT LAUGHTER   1967   Noël Coward   Peter N. Bigglestone
6   THE HEIRESS   1968   Ruth & Augustus Goetz   Peter Broberg
7   ROOKERY NOOK   1968   Ben Travers   Peter N. Bigglestone
8   BLACK CHIFFON   1969   Lesley Strom   Peter Broberg / Deb Roy
9   ON MONDAY NEXT   1969   Philip King   Peter N. Bigglestone
10   SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER   1969   Oliver Goldsmith   Eva Sheppard
11   HAY FEVER   1970   Noël Coward   Peter N. Bigglestone
12   WATERS OF THE MOON   1970   N.C. Hunter   Peter N. Bigglestone
13   ARMS AND THE MAN   1971   George Bernard Shaw   Eva Sheppard
14   THE BRIDGE OF SIGHS   1971   Thomas Muschamp   Inez Waloschek
15   THE DRUNKARD   1972   Brian J. Burton   Peter N. Bigglestone
16   BUSYBODY   1972   Jack Popplewell   Deb Roy
17   THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST   1973   Oscar Wilde   Peter N. Bigglestone
18   SERIOUS CHARGE   1973   Philip King   Inez Waloschek
19   NOT NOW DARLING   1973   Ray Cooney & John Capman   Peter N. Bigglestone
20   THE CHALK GARDEN   1974   Enid Bagnold   Peter N. Bigglestone
21   BILLY LIAR   1974   Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall   Inez Waloschek
22   BLITHE SPIRIT   1974   Noël Coward   Peter N. Bigglestone
23   ALFIE   1975   Bill Naughton   Inez Waloschek
24   MOVE OVER MRS. MARKHAM   1975   Ray Cooney & John Chapman   Roger Robertson
25   RING ROUND THE MOON   1975   Jean Anouilh   Inez Waloschek & Peter N. Bigglestone
26   HARVEY   1976   Mary Chase   Elizabeth Fleming
27   SUDDENLY AT HOME   1976   Francis Durbridge   Peter Wintgens
28   WHEN WE ARE MARRIED   1976   J. B. Priestley   Elizabeth Fleming
29   ARSENIC AND OLD LACE   1977   Joseph Kesselring   Peter N. Bigglestone
30   ABSURD PERSON SINGULAR   1977   Alan Ayckbourn   Peter Wintgens
31   THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE   1977   William Douglas Home   Elizabeth Fleming
32   THE UNEXPECTED GUEST   1978   Agatha Christie   Peter N. Bigglestone
33   THE CHILTERN HUNDREDS   1978   William Douglas Home   Peter Wintgens
34   BAREFOOT IN THE PARK   1978   Neil Simon   Peter N. Bigglestone
35   THE ANNIVERSARY   1979   Bill Macilwraith   Peter N. Bigglestone
36   HALFWAY UP THE TREE   1979   Peter Ustinov   Peter N. Bigglestone
37   CATHERINE HOWARD   1979   Beverley Cross   Peter N. Bigglestone
38   THE CONSTANT WIFE   1980   Somerset Maugham   Peter Wintgens
39   BIG BAD MOUSE   1980   Falkland Cary   Elizabeth Fleming
40   SEMI-DETACHED   1980   David Turner   Peter N. Bigglestone
41   THE DEEP BLUE SEA   1981   Terence Rattigan   Peter N. Bigglestone
42   ENTER A FREE MAN   1981   Tom Stoppard   Peter Wintgens
43   NUDE WITH VIOLIN   1981   Noël Coward   Peter N. Bigglestone
44   MURDER ON THE NILE   1982   Agatha Christie   Elizabeth Fleming
45   THE DETERRENT   1982   Charles Mander   Marion McAlpine & S.Branson
    BLACK COMEDY   1982   Peter Shaffer   Marion McAlpine & S.Branson
46   PLAZA SUITE   1982   Neil Simon   Elizabeth Fleming
47   ALL MY SONS   1983   Arthur Miller   Peter N. Bigglestone
48   PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM   1983   Woody Allen   Peter Wintgens
49   JOKING APART   1983   Alan Ayckbourn   Elizabeth Fleming
50   A GHOST ON TIPTOE   1984   R. Morley & Rosemary A. Sisson   Slim Cowell
51   A MURDER IS ANNOUNCED   1984   Agatha Christie   Peter N. Bigglestone
52   PLAYBILL (The Browning Version/Harlequinade)   1984   Terence Rattigan   Elizabeth Fleming
53   DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE   1985   Ted Willis   Elizabeth Fleming
54   CALIFORNIA SUITE   1985   Neil Simon   Marijke Schwarz & Chris Turner
55   LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN   1985   Oscar Wilde   Peter N. Bigglestone
56   CONFUSIONS   1986   Alan Ayckbourn   Elizabeth Fleming
57   QUEEN ELIZABETH SLEPT HERE   1986   Talbot Rothwell   Christine Turner
58   THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA   1986   Tennessee Williams   Peter N. Bigglestone
59   PLAY ON   1987   Rick Abbot   Slim Cowell
60   HONESTLY, NOW !   1987   Jack Sharkey   Steve Delaney
61   EAST LYNNE   1987   Mrs. Henry Wood   Peter N. Bigglestone
62   WOMAN IN A DRESSING-GOWN   1988   Ted Willis   Slim Cowell
63   HOUSE GUEST   1988   Francis Durbridge   Christine Turner
64   SEASON'S GREETINGS   1988   Alan Ayckbourn   Peter N. Bigglestone
65   LADIES IN RETIREMENT   1989   Edward Percy & Reginald Denham   Slim Cowell
66   I AM A CAMERA   1989   John van Druten   Peter N. Bigglestone
67   BEDROOM FARCE   1989   Alan Ayckbourn   Elizabeth Fleming
68   THE KILLING OF SISTER GEORGE   1990   Frank Marcus   Peter N. Bigglestone
69   PACK OF LIES   1990   Hugh Whitemore   Inez Waloschek
70   PYGMALION   1990   George Bernard Shaw   Peter N. Bigglestone
71   FISH OUT OF WATER   1991   Derek Benfield   Inez Waloschek
72   ROUND AND ROUND THE GARDEN   1991   Alan Ayckbourn   David M. Griffiths
73   84 CHARING CROSS ROAD   1991   Helene Hanff/J. Roose-Evans   Brian Keener
74   PRESENT LAUGHTER   1992   Noël Coward   Peter N. Bigglestone
75   THE ODD COUPLE   1992   Neil Simon   Alistair White
76   MURDER ON THE RE-RUN   1992   Fred Carmichael   Alexander Black
77   VISITING HOUR   1993   Richard Harris   Elizabeth Fleming
78   THE DAY THEY KIDNAPPED THE POPE   1993   João Bethencourt   Lexi von Hoffmann
79   TIME TO KILL   1993   Leslie Darbon   Jacqui Caesar & Graham C. Williams
80   OUTSIDE EDGE   1994   Richard Harris   Elizabeth Fleming
81   RUN FOR YOUR WIFE   1994   Ray Cooney   Peter N. Bigglestone
82   MARVIN'S ROOM   1994   Scott McPherson   Rebecca Garron & Morton Swimmer
83   MURDER AT THE VICARAGE   1995   Agatha Christie   Peter N. Bigglestone
84   YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU       Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman   Mike Coles

  STILL LIFE & HANDS ACROSS THE SEA   1995   Noël Coward   Peter N. Bigglestone
86   I'LL BE BACK BEFORE MIDNIGHT   1996   Peter Colley   Graham C. Williams
87   TRANSLATIONS   1996   Brian Friel   Rebecca Garron
88   KEEPING DOWN WITH THE JONESES   1996   John Chapman & Jeremy Lloyd   Mike Coles
89   CHARLEY'S AUNT   1997   Brandon Thomas   Peter N. Bigglestone
90   ONE O'CLOCK FROM THE HOUSE   1997   Frank Vickery   Jason Couch
91   SEPTEMBER TIDE   1997   Daphne Du Maurier   Peter N. Bigglestone
92   LET'S PRETEND   1998   Vanessa Brooks   Mike Coles
93   DRACULA   1998   Bram Stoker / Thornton & Godber   Graham C. Williams
94   BAREFOOT IN THE PARK   1998   Neil Simon   Jason Couch
95   TOWARDS ZERO   1999   Agatha Christie   Elaine Lloyd Barnett
96   NO SEX PLEASE WE'RE BRITISH   1999   Anthony Marriott & Alistair Foot   Graham C. Williams
97   THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST   1999   Oscar Wilde   Peter N. Bigglestone
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