by William Shakespeare

directed by Carol McNamara


Much Ado About Nothing Poster



Role Actor
Role Actor
Benedick Florian Miro Ursula Madeleine Lange
Beatrice Jocasta Godlieb Don John Andrés Crump
Claudio Matthäus Witt Borachio Sebastian Saavedra
Hero Ellen Bergman Dogberry Mark Lyndon
Leonato Camilo Daza Verges Julie Spanswick
Don Pedro Harald Djürken Watch Mat Nichol
Margaret Sonja Bahnsen Friar Martin Leafe


School Package

Teachers! As a Shakespeare play might be interesting for your classes, we have for your convenience prepared a school package to download again.

Due to rather shockingly bad experience with our younger audience members recently, we have decided to put in a short bit about theatre ettiquette. We don't want to be patronizing, really, but talking, throwing paper, phoning friends and running in and out during the performances is not on! There are real people on stage, theatre is not the cinema, and even there we would find such behaviour despicable.


by Charles Dickens

adapted and directed by Rebecca Garron with the assistance of Julia Weischat, November 2009

A Christmas Carol


Actor Role(s)
Alexandra Luckmann Sufferer, Fred’s Wife
Amy Lee Tiny Tim, Horse-boy, Fallen Woman, Shop Worker
Carol Kloevekorn Publican’s Wife, Riff-raff
Carolyn Walsh Young Belle, Caroller
Catherine Schwerin Mrs Cratchit, Cloth Checker, Caroller
Ellen Bergman Emily Cratchit, Maid, Prostitute, Caroller
Harald Djürken Fezziwig, Riff-raff, Caroller
Henrik Zawischa Ghost of Marley, Shop Worker, Caroller
Jack Heyward-Tuck Fred’s Cousin, Party Guest, Sufferer, Boy, Old Joe
John Kirby Scrooge
Julie Spanswick Gravedigger 2, Street Sweeper
Keith Williams Fred, Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come
Kirsten Friedrichs Party Guest, Wealthy Woman
Kris Löschmann Peter Cratchit, Gentleman
Lexi von Hoffmann Charity Worker 1, Flirting Craftsman, Caroller
Lynda Matschke Laundress, Party Guest, Cloth Checker
Margaret Mader-Evans Wig-maker
Mark Lyndon Gravedigger 1
Martin J Mills Dick Wilkins, Solicitor, Debtor, Caroller
Mat Nichol Spirit of Christmas Past, Solicitor
Matthäus Witt Singing Boy, Young Scrooge, Ignorance, Caroller
Nele Giese Martha Cratchit, Maid
Niels Hamdorf Publican, Solicitor, Old Man
Nora Farrell Tom Cratchit, Want, Debtor’s Wife
Piet Hansen Sufferer, Belle 2’s Husband, Shop Worker, Party Guest
Sanjeev Pathak Party Guest, Undertaker
Sarah Meier Belinda Cratchit, Shop Worker
Sonny Pathak, Simon Gould Businessman, Drunk
Sonya Picott Fan (young Scrooge’s sister)
Tessa Hellbusch Charity Worker 2, Belle’s daughter
Thomas Thornton Bob Cratchit
Tom Ivison Pubgoer
Ursula Schmidt Belle 2, Churchgoing Mother
Ute Jonescheit Charwoman, Seamstress
Valerie Doyle Spirit of Christmas Present, Orange Seller, Schoolgirl
Wiebke Störtenbecker Mrs Fezziwig, Riff-raff


Musician Instruments
Kaja Fuchs Violin
Carola Schaal Clarinet
Eva-Maria Schmidt     Bassoon
Philip Szamosvári Guitar, bells
Florian Miro Musical Director

by Tennessee Willams

directed by Mathilde Berry, May 2009

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Click on poster to download flyer as PDF-file.

It is a hot sticky summer in the Mississippi Delta. The wealthy Pollitt family has gathered to celebrate patriarch Big Daddy’s 65th birthday. But below the surface, turbulent emotions are brewing. What Big Daddy and Big Mama don’t yet know is that this will be Big Daddy’s last birthday – he is dying of cancer. Their eldest son, Gooper, and his wife, Mae, are scheming to get younger son, Brick, cut out of the inheritance. Brick, an ex-footballer, has taken to drink since the death of his best friend, Skipper. Brick is estranged from his beautiful wife, Maggie, who is fighting tooth and nail to win back his love. A layer of mendacity – of lies – has built up over the family’s disappointments and insecurities. Who is going to be bold enough to start telling the truth now? Is there still enough love left to save?

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof premiered in New York under the direction of Elia Kazan, who revised the third act to give the play a more redemptive resolution. In 1958, director Richard Brooks adapted Cat into a hugely popular film starring a stunning Elizabeth Taylor, an improbably handsome Paul Newman, and corpulent Burl Ives. To Williams's dismay, Brooks excised all explicit references to Brick's homosexuality in deference to the studio censors. We will be performing the original script by Tennessee Williams for this production.

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