by Woody Allen

directed by Ralph Fellows




Freshly divorced New York film critic Allan Felix struggles with the world of blind dates and his insecurity around women. Best friend Dick and his wife Linda fix him up with fabulous woman after fabulous woman, and Allan conjures up his hero and alter-ego Humphrey Bogart to learn from him how to treat ‘dames’. But all efforts to find love again end in chaos, until Allan realises that what he wants is right before his nose. At last, he has a chance to live up to the Bogey image. Join us for a hilarious romp through Woody Allen’s New York!

Presented through special arrangement with Samuel French





Role Actor
Allan Felix Jonathan Greenman
Dick Christie Eddie Gray
Linda Christie Amy Lee
Intellectual Girl Colleen E. Möller
Go-go-girl Courtney B. Jackson
Nancy Courtney Peltzer
Vanessa Izzy Orde
Sharon Lake Kate Deminatus
Bogey Martin J. Mills
Sharon, Barbara Tessa Hellbusch
Gina Nova Kane


A Parable by John Patrick Shanley

directed by Jeff Caster


Doubt poster

In 1964, Sister Aloysius, a rigid, conservative nun who runs a Catholic school in the Bronx, and Father Flynn, the warm-hearted, liberal priest of the parish, engage in a battle of wills, words, and philosophy. Novice Sister James is caught in the middle when the suspicion arises that Father Flynn’s friendship with the first-ever African-American student at the school might be more than it should be. With her help, Sister Aloysius sets out to teach Father Flynn a lesson, for the sake of the boy. But unexpectedly she, too, is taught an intriguing lesson by the boy’s mother. DOUBT is a forceful and intimate look at the power of suspicion, fear, and intimidation, dealing with a problem that is disturbingly still relevant today.



Father Flynn: Harald Djürken

Sister Aloysius: Lexi von Hoffmann

Sister James: Ellen Bergmann

Mrs. Muller: Eve Harris


by Agatha Christie

directed by Lexi von Hoffmann and Valerie Doyle

Poster for Murder on the Nile

A glamorous young heiress and her newly wed husband are honeymooning on a luxury steamer on the Nile. Many of the colourful and elegant guests sharing their voyage are secretly less than pleased to have the bride on board. Tensions mount, tempers flare, and then – murder! Did the jilted fiancée lose her cool? Did the fastidious, love-struck doctor blow his top? Does the maid know more than is good for her? Luckily another guest on board has a nose for detection, but before he can unravel the mystery, there is another murder, and no one knows who to trust...


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