by Bernard Shaw

directed by Valerie Doyle and Lexi von Hoffmann


Phonetics professor Henry Higgins makes a bet with his friend Colonel Pickering: he says he can teach Eliza Doolittle, an uneducated Cockney flower girl, to speak so well that he can pass her off as a lady in high society. When Eliza moves into his home and their lives, she soon captures everyone with her charm – and Professor Higgins has to admit that there is more to her than he thought...
Bernard Shaw’s witty 1912 classic is the basis of the beloved stage and film success My Fair Lady. Don’t miss The Hamburg Players’ production of Pygmalion at Theater an der Marschnerstrasse!


actor/actress part
Simon Gould Mr. Doolittle
Roger Graves Col. Pickering
Eddie Gray Freddy Eynsford-Hill
Tessa Hellbusch Clara Eynsford-Hill
Tom Ivison Bystander
Carol Kloevekorn Mrs. Higgins
Lynda Matschke Mrs. Eynsford-Hill
Martin Mills Henry Higgins
Mat Nichol Sarcastic Bystander
Izzy Orde Eliza Doolittle
Catherine Schwerin Maid/Bystander
Julie Spanswick Mrs. Pearce
Wiebke Störtenbecker Bystander


by Joseph Kesselring

directed by Martin Leafe

Poster for Arsenic and Old Lace


Theatre critic Mortimer Brewster plans to get engaged to his sweetheart Elaine. But he discovers his two charming elderly aunts have taken up a gruesome hobby: they “charitably” murder lonely old men by giving them elderberry wine laced with arsenic! Meanwhile, his dotty brother Teddy, who thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt, is digging the Panama Canal in the basement – a handy place to bury the bodies. Matters are made worse by the unwelcome return of his serial-killer brother Jonathan, with his drunk plastic surgeon, a new face, and a corpse in tow. How can Mortimer stop their murderous antics without giving things away? And how can he marry Elaine when insanity seems to run in his homicidal family? Arsenic and Old Lace was a smash hit when it opened in New York and became an all-time classic film. Join us for a rollicking black farce.


actor/actress part
Sonia Senfft von Pilsach Martha
Ursula Schmidt Abby
Eddie Gray Mortimer
Maximilian Josef Duchow Jonathan
Ute Kreitz Elaine
Thomas Thornton Dr. Einstein
Tom Ivison O' Hara
Mat Nichol Teddy
Roger Graves Brophy
Jeff Caster Rev. Dr. Harper/ Rooney
Peter Alexander Mr. Witherspoon
Piet Hansen Mr.Gibbs


by Woody Allen

directed by Ralph Fellows




Freshly divorced New York film critic Allan Felix struggles with the world of blind dates and his insecurity around women. Best friend Dick and his wife Linda fix him up with fabulous woman after fabulous woman, and Allan conjures up his hero and alter-ego Humphrey Bogart to learn from him how to treat ‘dames’. But all efforts to find love again end in chaos, until Allan realises that what he wants is right before his nose. At last, he has a chance to live up to the Bogey image. Join us for a hilarious romp through Woody Allen’s New York!

Presented through special arrangement with Samuel French





Role Actor
Allan Felix Jonathan Greenman
Dick Christie Eddie Gray
Linda Christie Amy Lee
Intellectual Girl Colleen E. Möller
Go-go-girl Courtney B. Jackson
Nancy Courtney Peltzer
Vanessa Izzy Orde
Sharon Lake Kate Deminatus
Bogey Martin J. Mills
Sharon, Barbara Tessa Hellbusch
Gina Nova Kane


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