by David Auburn

directed by Sonia Senfft von Pilsach and Henrik Zawischa


After Robert, a once brilliant mathematician, dies, his daughter Catherine is worried that she may have inherited not only her father's genius but also his mental illness. Older sister Claire is convinced she has and wants to take her to New York to be looked after. Meanwhile, Robert's former student Hal is searching through Robert's papers. He is trying to find something of his mentor's worth saving. Are the brilliant, cutting-edge calculations he finds really Catherine's, as she claims, or are they Robert's? Can Catherine prove the proof is hers?

Don't miss David Auburn's Pulitzer Prize winning play.


Eddie Gray Harold
Ellen Bergman Catherine
Jessica Mann Claire
Roger Graves Robert


by Christopher Durang

directed by Izzy Orde and Eddie Gray


BeyondTherapy poster


It’s not easy looking for love. Prudence and Bruce meet on a blind date which ends in tears and disaster. They ask their therapists for help – but they have troubles of their own. Prudence’s macho psychiatrist, Stuart, has ego problems and likes to sleep with his patients. Bruce’s eccentric therapist, Charlotte, has no inhibitions and talks through a Snoopy doll. And when Bruce’s male lover, Bob, finds out that Bruce wants to date a woman, he is not at all pleased...

Chaos rules in this touching and wickedly funny satire by award-winning author Christopher Durang.




actor/actress            part              
Andrés Crump


Harald Djürken


Joel Horne


Elena Kaufman


Madeleine Lange


Martin Mills


by Bernard Shaw

directed by Valerie Doyle and Lexi von Hoffmann


Phonetics professor Henry Higgins makes a bet with his friend Colonel Pickering: he says he can teach Eliza Doolittle, an uneducated Cockney flower girl, to speak so well that he can pass her off as a lady in high society. When Eliza moves into his home and their lives, she soon captures everyone with her charm – and Professor Higgins has to admit that there is more to her than he thought...
Bernard Shaw’s witty 1912 classic is the basis of the beloved stage and film success My Fair Lady. Don’t miss The Hamburg Players’ production of Pygmalion at Theater an der Marschnerstrasse!


actor/actress part
Simon Gould Mr. Doolittle
Roger Graves Col. Pickering
Eddie Gray Freddy Eynsford-Hill
Tessa Hellbusch Clara Eynsford-Hill
Tom Ivison Bystander
Carol Kloevekorn Mrs. Higgins
Lynda Matschke Mrs. Eynsford-Hill
Martin Mills Henry Higgins
Mat Nichol Sarcastic Bystander
Izzy Orde Eliza Doolittle
Catherine Schwerin Maid/Bystander
Julie Spanswick Mrs. Pearce
Wiebke Störtenbecker Bystander


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