Honorary Functions

Chief Patron - Honorary British Consul Nicholas Teller

Honorary Life President - Suneel M. Pathak

The Committee


Valerie Doyle


Poppy Tirard


Lexi von Hoffmann


Geoff Humphrys


Madeleine Lange, Martin John Mills, Julie Spanswick, Thomas A. White, Alexander F. Wüst

Honorary Life Members

Peggy Bigglestone, Alexander Black, Matthias McDermott, Reni Pathak, Sigrid Reuter, Jürgen G. Schmidt, Ursula Schmidt, Christine Turner, Inez Waloschek, Peter Wintgens, Sue Williams and Graham C. Williams, Catherine Schwerin


Hamburg Players' Clubhouse
Oberaltenallee 20A
22081 Hamburg

Contact Persons

AreaContact person(s)Address information
Abonnement information and registration Petra Nowak

Möllner Landstr 32e
21465 Reinbek-Neuschönningstedt

Ticket sales and info (mailings) Reni Pathak

Möllner Landstr 32a
21465 Reinbek-Neuschönningstedt
Ticket hotline (040) 713 13 99

Front of House organization Sigrid Reuter foh-email
General enquiries about the club

Valerie Doyle

Lexi von Hoffmann

Committee contact All committee members committee-email
Webmaster Jochen Grube webmaster-email
Social events and projects Poppy Tirard social-email
Play readings, contact and suggestions Poppy Tirard plays-email
Improv Martin John Mills improv-email
Publicity Madeleine Lange publicity-email
Programme advertising, newsletter Jürgen Schmidt

Wellingsbütteler Landstaße 183
22337 Hamburg
Tel/Fax: (040) 450 05 22

advert email
Programme content Jürgen Schmidt

Wellingsbütteler Landstaße 183
22337 Hamburg
Tel/Fax: (040) 450 05 22



If you would like to apply for membership please download the form and send it to the address given (on the form). Please note: The application is subject to approval of the Committee.


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