One of the challenges for us as a theatrical society is: how to find good new plays that we like, that are suited to us and our audience and technically feasible at the Theater an der Marschnerstraße. So of course we all read plays and reviews. But reading plays alone can be a bit boring - and you get a much better impression when the lines are read out loud. So we decided to have some fun and meet regularly to read plays in a group.

These play-readings developed into kind of a social event as well. We usually bring something to drink and nibble. A good chance to practise your reading skills, try yourself at different characters, see how a play feels, discuss its merits and spend a nice evening with friends.

We aim as far as possible to schedule a play for the last Friday of each month. Check the news for upcoming readings.

The play readings are open to members and those wishing to join the Hamburg Players. Please contact someone from the club if you are joining us for the first time just to be sure there have been no schedule changes.


Do you have suggestions of plays we could read?

Please contact Poppy at plays (at)



Hamburg Players Clubhouse
Oberaltenallee 20A
22081 Hamburg


usually last Friday of a month, 7 pm.


Free (bring your own bottle and/or something to nibble, please)

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